ULI Memphis Sponsorship

"ULI Memphis is the key community convener on pertinent topics across the broad spectrum of city building issues. It also provides a structure both locally and nationally to learn and improve professionally, as well as a forum to interact with a wide range of industry professionals."

Les Binkley, Boyle Investments

ULI Memphis Sponsorship

Sponsorship of ULI Memphis is a unique investment to support meaningful activities that promote best practices to the Memphis region, and encourage development of thriving communities. Sponsors receive  benefits a variety of benefits, including for annual efforts and the RegionSmart conference.

Through the generous contributions of our annual Sponsors, ULI Memphis is able to provide thought-provoking programs on our local initiatives throughout the year.

Download the full sponsorship brochure below and for further information contact Anna Holtzclaw at Anna.Holtzclaw@uli.org or 901-264-0579.



Click here to download the brochure and learn more about the 2019 sponsorship opportunities and benefits.