Urban Plan

Interested in ULI Memphis' newest initiative? Read more about Urban Plan happening in the Mid-South!

Urban Plan

UrbanPlan is a daylong simulation of a planning process involving teams that work together using legos, a site plan and a spreadsheet to respond to a fictional RFP for the neighborhood of Elmwood in the city of Yorktown. Teams must decide how dense to build out a 5 ½ block area, whether to keep or move a homeless shelter, what type of retail is appropriate and which neighborhood groups to keep happy – all while meeting the financial projections of the City and the Developer (your boss). The day ends with teams presenting to a mock City Council that will award the project to the Development Team with the best proposal.

“Building a city is a complicated process that requires many necessary tradeoffs and balancing a city’s equitable needs with the values and desires of multiple parties is no small feat. The UrbanPlan program seeks to train how every party at the table plays a role in shaping a city’s fate. Non-profit professionals, policy makers, developers, architects, public officials, resident leaders and young professionals should make every effort to engage in this simulation to learn these very values.” Leslie Smith, BLDG Memphis

Who Should Participate?
Anyone who wants to understand how the planning process works and how they can contribute to Memphis’ 3.0 planning process. This includes Non-profit professionals, policy makers, developers, architects, public officials, resident leaders and young professionals and anyone else who wants to learn. To register for a workshop visit, ULI Memphis’ event page and see when the next workshops are being held.

“As a seasoned professional, I am always looking for ways to introduce planning and development concepts in a way that is not daunting.  UrbanPlan is that tool! It is interactive and provides participants with the opportunity to actively engage in a simulated scenario that incorporates input from a variety partners. Understanding how these partnerships work in the development process, enables UrbanPlan participants to have a greater understanding of how each role in the development process impacts the potential outcome of a proposed redevelopment project.” Chet Jackson, Memphis Medical District Collaborative

Needed: Volunteers
Volunteers are a critical part of UrbanPlan’s success. All volunteers (regardless of the role you want to play) must participate in a one-day training session The next training session will be in Fall 2018. To get on the list to be alerted email Karen Foster: karen.foster-ctr@uli.org.

Volunteers Roles:

  • Team Advisors: Participate in the whole day and help teams translate their ideas into a pro-forma template. Volunteers must have spreadsheet knowledge and be able to manage personalities. Time commitment: 7 hours each workshop.
  • Facilitators: Meet, consult, and advise the teams two times during the day. Volunteers must have real estate experience, be familiar with the Elmwood case and be able to guide participants and give good advice. Time commitment: 2 hours each workshop.
  • City Council Volunteers: Serve on the mock council at the end of the day. Volunteers must be familiar with the Elmwood case study and RFP in order to ask good questions. Time commitment: 1-2 hours each workshop.

Fall Urban Plan Dates:
October 9, 2018
November 10, 2018
December 14, 2018

For more information about UrbanPlan please contact Imani Jasper at urbanplanmemphis@uli.org, (901) 701-8046.