Urban Plan

Urban Plan

ULI Memphis received a grant to launch National ULI’s UrbanPlan program in Memphis. UrbanPlan workshops are hands-on, interactive, planning simulations that will allow Memphians to experience a planning process as they work in teams with legos, a map, and a spreadsheet to respond to a RFP for the fictional city of Elmwood.

We will offer this program to community leaders in each of the 14 development districts of Memphis’ 3.0 efforts to introduce the concepts of comprehensive planning in a fun and meaningful way that de-mystifies the process.

To be successful we need three things:

  1. Volunteers. To be trained to guide participants through this engaging and interactive workshop. See more info below.
  2. Storage Space. Do you have a closet or space in your office that ULI Memphis staff could store laptops, monitors, Legos and maps for this program?
  3. Part-time Staff Member. ULI is seeking a part-time contractor to coordinate the volunteers, participants, and logistics of the workshops. The contract is for one year and we are willing to job share with another organization. A job description is on the right sidebar of this page.

For more information visit the ULI website here. Interested in any of these roles? Please let us know by emailing Memphis@uli.org.

Volunteers are a critical part of UrbanPlan’s success. All volunteers (regardless of the role you want to play) must participate in a training session that will last 7 hours and be scheduled in January. To volunteer contact Karen Foster and ask her to add you to the list.

Volunteers Roles:

  • Team Advisors: Participate in the whole day and help teams translate their ideas into a pro-forma template. Volunteers must have spreadsheet knowledge and be able to manage personalities. Time commitment: 7 hours each workshop.
  • City Council Volunteers: Serve on the mock council at the end of the day. Volunteers must be familiar with the Elmwood case study and RFP in order to ask good questions. Time commitment: 1-2 hours each workshop.
  • Facilitators: Meet, consult, and advise the teams two times during the day. Volunteers must have real estate experience, be familiar with the Elmwood case and be able to guide participants and give good advice. Time commitment: 2 hours each workshop.