ULI Memphis is always working on different initiatives to further strengthen our community. Get involved with us by joining one!


In 2019, ULI Memphis announced the organization will focus on three major initiatives and align our committees and programs around them:

Supporting Memphis 3.0 – ULI Memphis will invite relevant and engaging speakers to speak about the impact and value of Comprehensive Planning as an economic development strategy. UrbanPlan workshops will be held for citizens and officials to experience the planning process. Logan Meeks chairs this initiative.

Developing a Sustainable Real Estate Community – ULI Memphis will encourage and support growth and development of women and minority real estate professionals in Memphis, while promoting industry trends, best practices, and seeking opportunities for our members to serve the Memphis community. Roshun Austin chairs this initiative.

Enhancing Regional Collaboration – ULI Memphis is expanding RegionSmart from a one-day-event into to a series of programs focused on topics relevant to the MidSouth like transportation, the aquifer, and workforce development. Alex Stringfellow chairs this initiative.

These initiatives have the potential to powerfully impact our community. If you are interested in serving on one of the three committees listed above, please email Anna and let her know. We are looking for people who are passionate about these issues, have ideas about how ULI can make these things happen, and are excited about helping with implementation.