Young Leaders Group

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Young Leaders Group

The mission of the Young Leaders Group (YLG) is to create a unique setting for the leaders of tomorrow’s real estate related companies to interact, both professionally and socially with the leaders of today, while providing responsible leadership and transferring knowledge in the use of land in order to enhance the total environment. The YLG strives to generate a greater interest among the pool of less experienced real estate related professionals in the educational and professional networking opportunities which ULI has to offer.

Committee Initiatives in 2018

  • To engage future leaders in land use by integrating YLG members (under age 35) into ULI activities, committees, and initiatives, building future leaders.
  • Enhance and promote engagement of the young leaders with experienced land use professionals through quarterly small group meetings, which offer the young leaders an opportunity to meet face to face with some of the most respected leaders in the Memphis community.
  • Promote social gatherings for young leaders to increase collaboration and promote new ideas among the next generation of professionals.
  • Host quarterly salon style discussions to discuss the latest national trends in innovative land use, and the ways to apply they trends to our local communities.