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The ULI Memphis staff, Chair, Management Committee, and Advisory Board is ready to assist members and potential members in our region.

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Anna Holtzclaw

Coordinator | 901.264.0579

Holtzclaw focuses on strategy, relationships, and partnerships to grow and develop all of our key programs.

Imani Jasper

UrbanPlan Program Associate | 901.701.8046

Jasper oversees participant recruitment, volunteer coordination, planning and development of the UrbanPlan program. When not working on UrbanPlan she works for Neighborhood Preservation Inc. UrbanPlan is a program developed and run by ULI. In the MidSouth, ULI Memphis & RegionSmart run the program together.

Martha Carter

ULI Program Associate | 901.264.0755

Carter oversees the details and logistics around our programs geared at serving the local community to elevate our collective real estate IQ around city builders.